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Web Design & Development

Bringing together easy-to-use website systems and connect them to create modern, great-looking, customized, functional, optimized and secure websites is my passion. We use up-to-date SEO tactics, integrate customized marketing email campaign and teach you how to use it. It helps you to attract more visitors to your web. We also build, customize and maintain e-commerce web systems to help you effectively introduce and sell your products or services. I provide hosting and installations as well as maintaining to keep your websites secured and actualized.
My SUCCESSFUL web projects


Is our sea
We work usually with themes, that offers quality front-end / back-end builder, as it makes fast workflow and it allows users to easily edit or create new pages on them self in the future. We provide customization to exactly match yours needs - in form of CSS customization, creating child-themes with custom features, custom plugin development or adjusting existing plugin towards your custom needs. We do debugging and troubleshooting code related issues as well.

Plugin development

We also develop and maintain own plugins - FREE and PRO versions.
Wordpress plugins
React redux tools


As the world of web is changing so fast and new technologies like web applications are let's say changing the game a bit :), We're happy to bring our REACT skills into your web project. 

complex applications

We can build complex (large) applications for you as well, as with REDUX state manager, connecting of all sub modules, that can represent your application, is easy and  maintainable. Such an applications are also very easily extendable, so ready to follow your business needs :)
Successful web apps projects
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