About Me!

Tomáš Groulík

Who am I?

Quite a philosophical question, isn't it? But don't worry, here I only describe who I'm in the e-world. I'm Ing. Tomas Groulík, a web-developer and desktop application developer from Czech Republic.  

How I became a freelance sw developer

My professional beginnings

After studies and 6 years of employment in a growing company, I was no longer satisfied with the way the company was run, the great pressure on developers and being overwhelmed with work. I experienced major health problems, which intensified due to long-term overload. One day I decided, that it couldn't go on like this and I raised the anchors.

Travel adventure

I had an intense, amazing and sometimes very difficult 2 years of travel adventure in several parts of the world. I gradually recovered from the consequences of long-term overwork and the worst health problems. I learned languages, new web technologies and also met friends who eventually became my first clients. After some time, I started working remotely through various freelance platforms.

Professional transition to self-employment

The beginnings were very difficult, but I managed to get the business back on its feet through several crises. Gradually, I started to do well in such a way that I didn't feel the need to return to the corporate scene. Even though I perceive that the corporate culture in the Czech Republic has moved towards a "more humane approach" in many companies, I enjoy creating, learning and discovering my own path. I enjoy working in a team, keeping company during the process, so don't hesitate to contact me if you are looking for a remote member to join your team.
I like the process of transformation of project’s idea into live, “breathing” system. I have a passion for delivering highly functional and elegantly designed solution that meets required needs and deadlines.

My skils

JS / ES6 / jQuery / AJAX / REACT
PHP / Wordpress / SQL
SEO Techniques
Design / Graphics
C / C++ / C# / .NET / WPF
Image & Signal Processing
Artifical Inteligence
Native speaker
German / Spanish

My educational and professional timeline


Secondary Technical School in Zdar nad Sazavou

Electrical engineering, telecommunications, and computer technologies

Brno University
of Technology
Faculty of Cybernetics,
Control and Measurements

  • Attendance at team school project: Autonomous robot
  • Master´s thesis: Navigation algorithms for autonomous robot trough computer vision
  • Bachelor´s thesis: Development of engine control of autonomous robot (programming embedded processors)

SW Developer
CAMEA, spol. s r. o.

SW development and management of project:
  • Intelligent enforcement vehicle for parking solutions in big cities
RaD, updating and maintenance of:
  • modern image and signal processing based systems used in telematics and industry
  • network utilities to support main systems in traffic and industry
Primarily C/C ++, C#

SW Developer Freelancer

Design and development:
  • web apps, WordPress plugins, web pages, e-shops
  • desktop applications, services and utilits

Get In Touch

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