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Intro Tour Tutorial PRO Plugin for WordPress


You can create an intuitive tour that guides people through your website or co-workers to manage your website via the WordPress admin board. You can choose how and when your tour starts and how it looks and behaves. This is all possible without any special technical knowledge, as the plug-in integrates the Visual Builder. If you have deeper technical knowledge, you can benefit from the advanced configuration that allows you to set up the tour for special scenarios as well.

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Live DemoTheming | Live demo (STICKY theme)

Fully test all PRO features, including the admin interface, on our automatically generated demo installation made just for you

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Key features

  • Visual frontend builder: You can create and edit all tour steps and also visually select the start element ( button ) directly in the frontend.
  • Multi-page tours: Yes, you don’t have to limit yourself to a one-page intro tour.
  • Multiple design themes (accent color adaptive): Check all themes here
  • 2 trigger configurations: You can easily choose from a variety of options how and where the tour should start, whether a start is only required for the user’s first visits and much more.
  • Smooth design: The tour is designed to maintain the visitor’s full attention without any “sharp breaks” in the story of the tour.
  • Smart tooltip positioning: The best position for the tooltip is automatically found in each step to get the best responsive view on mobile. You can also set your preferred position for each step.
  • WPML translation: You can translate your tours with a popular WPML plugin.
  • URL variables: Would you like your visitors to take a tour of pages with variable URLs, e.g. a tour of all product detail pages and their sub-pages with product ID in the URL, or public dashboards for users with user ID in the URL? In PRO you have the option to do this.
  • URL parameter lock – tour just for selected users: You can send an introductory invitation to a tour for a specific person only by sending a tour URL with the unlock parameter. For the tour that starts on the home page:{Unlock key}.
  • Tour on WP admin board: Would you like to offer your co-workers or those with access to web administration, an interactive guide to using your WordPress admin board and all the modules integrated there? In PRO, you can also easily create a tour on the admin board site.
  • Mobile / widescreen view: In PRO, you can skip a step or even select a different target element, depending on whether the step is displayed on a cell phone or a bigger screen.
  • Mobile menu support: You can also target mobile menu items so that the mobile menu automatically opens before that step during the tour.
  • Shortcodes support in intro content: You can insert WP shortcodes in intro tips and make the tour a much more complex tool
  • Priority support: With the PRO version, you receive preferential support and updates. You can access the support forum to report any bugs.

10 reviews for Intro Tour Tutorial PRO Plugin for WordPress

  1. Islander Live

    Fantastic, easy to use! I think it’s a unique plugin of this genre on wordpress.
    Everything works as it should, a lot of customisation settings.

  2. Gerard Beaulieu (verified owner)

    It's a great tool, easy to use and looks very neat! The Support team response was fast and helpful!

  3. Robin Ellins (verified owner)

    Excellent plugin with best-in-class support. Saved me many hours of coding. Simple to use, and looks amazing. Highly recommended.

  4. Helen Rivers (verified owner)

    This plugin is a game changer for me. As a community builder, new users were struggling to find their way round my community platform and this Plugin is the prefect solution. I just KNOW that using it for member onboarding is going to make a massive difference to my member return rate and increase motivation to interact more within the community.

    I tried the free version and was so impressed that I quickly bought the "full pro power" upgrade (3 year package including updates and sort for unlimited sites).

    I have had 2 issues with getting the plugin to work on my site but these were dealt with promptly and efficiently and are now resolved. In fact out of all my plugins, I've never received better customer support!

    If I had one complaint?... I'd like to see a lifetime package. 😀

  5. Michael Ryter

    Awesome plugin, smooth integration and very easy to use.
    The Support is excellent, fast answer and good solutions!

  6. John Killin

    Great plugin and great service!
    Our site required the tour to open and navigate an off-canvas menu element.
    When we started having difficulties, Tomas stepped in and over the course of about a week, he tested and tweaked until it could do what we needed, and then released the fix in the next plugin update.
    Communication was always clear, and I would recommend Tomas and DeepPresentation without hesitation.

  7. Alejandra Almada (verified owner)

    I got the PRO version for my client. The plugin not only does exactly what it's supposed to do beautifully, but it also offers a wide range of customizations. You can not only customize the visual settings, but also the triggers, conditions, steps and complexity of a tour/intro.
    That alone should be a great reason to get the Pro version, but I can't stress enough how outstanding the support has been. Tomas, the creator of the plugin and an extremely professional coder who knows what he's doing, has offered me the absolutely best customer tech support I've been ever offered. I had a problem getting my WordPress to successfully save the activation license code because of some Ajax-related issue that had nothing to do with the plugin itself. Tom not only replied to my first message after a couple of minutes on a Sunday, but he spent almost the whole day trying to help me solve this freak problem I was having. He even went as far as releasing that same day an update for the plugin that would be helping me save time while trying to figure out what was wrong. He did that exclusively to help ONE customer with an issue that probably no one else will be ever having.
    Tom is permanently working on this product and I'm sure you won't regret buying the Pro license, since the plugin will continue to get more and more amazing instead of being abandoned by its creators like in so many other cases.

  8. JoPe - Long Watch Studio

    Intro Tour Tutorial is the plugin we needed to perfect our demo website and help users to discover all the possibilities of our in-house products. The plugin is very complet, full of features, visual styles, and is efficiently coded, with desktop and mobile in mind. You can manage your tour with precision on the backend or easily with the visual editor. We are power users, also working on WordPress plugins, and we appreciate all the possibilities offered by Intro Tour Tutorial Pro. And if you have any questions or needs, Tomas will answer fast and will always try his best to find a solution, even if it's a custom fix written only for your use-case ! Very professional. We recommand his products with closed eyes.

  9. Kim Herbst (verified owner)

    I just want to say how much I love your plugin. I run a Gardener's Association membership site that is made up of primarily elderly members. The tour has made a world of difference in helping them to be confident about navigating the site and actually using the chatrooms, messaging features, etc. Can’t thank you enough for creating this super-helpful plugin!

    The rewritten code seems to have lightened up the plugin considerably - it runs much faster now!

  10. Tony @ Nano Battle (verified owner)

    Not only is this plugin amazing, but so is the support! Having quick resolution for an outlying problem that had nothing to do with their plugin is top-notch customer service.

    Being able to have guided tutorials on every page pops up the first time and activates again on any target element you choose is so fantastic. The precision and choices available to style everything to make it look very professional and seamlessly integrate with whatever you have going on. Everything looks like it belongs on site so much so that I’ve had people ask what theme I’m using thinking it’s all built in. I always tell them it’s Intro Tour Tutorial and I love it! 👍

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