Changelog - Intro Tour Tutorial PRO


BUGFIX - Warning: Undefined variable $ in class-dp-intro-tours-public.php on line 79


● WP 6.5 compatibility check


BUGFIX - tooltip position after resize fix


BUGFIX - php warning fix in class-dp-intro-tours-public (line 676)


BUGFIX - colored theme background color change to enhance tooltip contrast
BUGFIX - animation opacity fix - when light accent color


BUGFIX - builder target detail and URL modal fix


BUGFIX - Sticky theme - bullet text color on dark accent fix


BUGFIX - trigger tour -> prevent default
TWEAK - running bullet animation after user interaction - light accent color -> dark outline
BUGFIX - page horizontal alignment error fix


TWEAK - running bullet animation - light accent color -> dark outline


● TEST - WordPress 6.4 compatibility tested


BUGFIX - resize fix
NEW FEATURE - frontend builder - step edit - re-styling


BUGFIX - document sizing when theme body or doc sizes don't reflect all page size
NEW FEATURE - FR translation added


BUGFIX - theme switch
BUGFIX - text size of navigation bullets
TWEAK - progress bar bg color


BUGFIX - user interaction - click the link with target _blank


BUGFIX - tooltip inside a target element positioning and scroll fix


BUGFIX - tooltip horizontal alignment fix
BUGFIX - tooltip minimal height fix


BUGFIX - step number positioning and size fix
NEW FEATURE - switch to SVG ico on small sizes when no space for all buttons
NEW FEATURE - scroll to the mobile menu opener before is menu open
NEW FEATURE - confirm dialog before a link click during a tour
BUGFIX - mobile menu target elements creation in builder fixes
BUGFIX - user interaction - on hover multiple step shift fix
BUGFIX - border-radius tour options fix (tooltip padding fix)
BUGFIX - positioning of the tooltip pointing towards the target with a fixed position
BUGFIX - target selecting on mobile - suppress click/touch events
BUGFIX - mobile menu opener - visual selection (the mobile menu was not opening)
BUGFIX - tooltip without target element - minimal width fix
BUGFIX - admin board - mobile menu opening fix
TWEAK - scrollbar styling for non-chromium-based browsers
BUGFIX - firefox z-index fix for the tooltip inside a target
BUGFIX - URL variables starting tour fix


BUGFIX - Builder target selection user interaction fix


BUGFIX - trigger default intro_trigger_event fix
BUGFIX - SVG icon loading on a repeated run of the tour ( no reload )
BUGFIX - Z-index base default value fix
BUGFIX - disabled tooltip control after saving
BUGFIX - web page dimension calculation cross-platform fix
NEW FEATURE - forcing to open all links inside the highlighted target element in a new tab (so no tour end)


BUGFIX - removing php 3rd party enum library (critical error in combination with some plugins)


TWEAK - Most of the front-end code was modularized, modernized, and optimized. The main public script size was reduced from 140KB to 51KB. The placement accuracy of the tooltip and all other layers has been improved.
TWEAK - A new browser-based scrolling algorithm is capable of scrolling the target element into view, even in very specific cases such as nested scrolled containers. Most of the code responsible for scrolling the target into view has been removed or transformed for necessary customization of browser-based scrolling functions.
TWEAK - themes design improved and bug fixed
TWEAK - improved look and behavior of tour admin options
TWEAK - new mobile menu opening algorithm
TWEAK - simplification of tour starting options + advanced option for detail configuration
NEW FEATURE - admin steps table: enable scrolling by drag and drop on table cells
NEW FEATURE - A new target highlighting mechanism allows elements (fixed, sticky, with CSS transform, etc.) to be fully highlighted. Previously, it was just a border without a highlighted background, due to a z-index issue.
NEW FEATURE - added help for user interaction features
NEW FEATURE - New global option - exclude admin board area from the "Start this tour everywhere" option
NEW FEATURE - tour option "Loading delay": support for frontend render tasks
TWEAK - all links created in the step content editor are defaulted to open in a new window (target="_blank")
BUGFIX - URL variable fixes and simplification
BUGFIX - nested scrollable parents of the target element
BUGFIX - small screens out of screen fix + fixed positioned out of screen fix
BUGFIX - scaled element width and height calculation fix
BUGFIX - step content editor z-index fixes
TWEAK - follow target position is deactivated when the browser tab is not active to not use the client's CPU


BUGFIX - learndash plugin compatibility fix


BUGFIX - Z-index base default value was not working on all browsers,
TWEAK - Skip Absent Ref. Element change of default value to Off


NEW FEATURE - Do not load any theme style to simplify custom CSS re-stylings
BUGFIX - loading just needed themes (better CSS optimization)


BUGFIX - remove pho debug notices


NEW FEATURE - you can start a tour from the selected step by defining a dp-step param (indexed from 0)
BUGFIX - rerun tour by user action eg. click overlay not loaded fix
TWEAK - URL lock update: do not load any tour without configured URL lock on load when the dp-lock query param is present in the URL


BUGFIX - Critical bug fix - CSS theme loading emitted critical error
BUGFIX - Labeling link from top admin bar fix


BUGFIX - iterate step after click/hover z-index fix
BUGFIX - target visual selection (stop propagation fix)


BUGFIX - builder - setting mobile targets


BUGFIX - builder - setting mobile targets


BUGFIX - hide overlay per step fix in builder
BUGFIX - target visual selection (stop propagation fix)
BUGFIX - golden ration alg. for placing a tooltip fix
TWEAK - builder ... increased user experience on the mobile


NEW FEATURE - 'Stop click propagation' in step interaction options - if you like to block on click events from other JS codes - (plugins, theme) during a tour on the actual target, that can interact unexpectedly with tour
BUGFIX - hide overlay per step fix
TWEAK - advanced resize / change orientation algorithm
TWEAK - advanced determine tooltip position
BUGFIX - php 7.2 syntax error fix


TWEAK - scroll easing -> swing


TWEAK - shouldBeStepSkipped -> adding condition: isElementInsideDocBoard
TWEAK - activate skip_absent_ref_el in view mode in the builder


BUGFIX - tooltip positioning center aligned fix


BUGFIX - scroll and follow target interaction, golden ratio tooltip positioning fix


BUGFIX - CLICK→NEXT and HOVER→NEXT prevent default fix


BUGFIX - Mobile menu z-index fixes


BUGFIX - Sticky positioning for the target element and it's parents


BUGFIX - Admin global options - NEWS links fix


BUGFIX - z-index default value fix


BUGFIX - z-index default value fix


BUGFIX - z-index default value fix


BUGFIX - z-index default value build fix


BUGFIX - z-index default value fix


BUGFIX - Edit tooltip text in builder - MCE links z-index fix


BUGFIX - Progress bar after switching themes on frontend fix


NEW FEATURE - The design themes have been completely rewritten and also renamed (CSS identifiers have been changed)
NEW FEATURE - The positioning system has been completely rewritten so it is more accurate
NEW FEATURE - Bullets navigation is now mobile friendly
NEW FEATURE - Rounding of intro layers is now configurable ( per each tour )
NEW FEATURE - The sizing of intro layers has been improved to fit into your web. It is configurable in an easy user-friendly way and also in an advanced way
NEW FEATURE - The algorithms for tracking the step target have been improved to be much smoother and optimized
NEW FEATURE - Button arrow is now configurable - ( SVG icon, ASCI character, none)
NEW FEATURE - The z-index base is configurable to prevent stacking-based issues
NEW FEATURE - global options have been redesigned and simplified
NEW FEATURE - show/hide bullets, progress bar, and step numbers configurable now by tour
TWEAK - audit and optimization of the frontend scripts and styles
TWEAK - new running bullets animation + its code optimize
BUGFIX - Screen size change is now properly processed
BUGFIX - logged-in visit count calculated on a server (as calculated on the server only when the "Allow just for logged-in Users" option was active)
BUGFIX - scroll animations were queued, now after going to the next or previous step, it takes effect immediately


TWEAK - adjust upgrade message for following major releases


BUGFIX - rest API URL endpoint - get_rest_url


BUGFIX - render_tiny_mce on admin - list of tours fix
TWEAK - reduction of intro elements animations
TWEAK - set default border radiuses between 2px - 4px


NEW FEATURE - user interaction on hover over element -> next step
NEW FEATURE - hide overlay layer per step (support sub menu on hover)


BUGFIX - manual highlight layer background option in builder - z-index bug


NEW FEATURE - manual highlight layer background option
NEW FEATURE - hide next button option when on click -> next
BUGFIX - visual target selector fix when unique selector emits exception
BUGFIX - max tooltip width applied on fancy bar
BUGFIX - Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach in class-dp-intro-tours-helper.php on line 710


BUGFIX - admin tout intro text editor open fix


NEW FEATURE - configurable radius of highlighting layer


BUGFIX - license activation fix


BUGFIX - ajax security issue fix (on some servers verify extra nonce was failing)


NEW FEATURE - new theme - colored
NEW FEATURE - tooltip container and buttons radius override
BUGFIX - Step number position in the builder, when starting from 1st step
BUGFIX - The text color of the flat adaptive theme was poorly visible on the dark tooltip bg


TWEAK - Improve - When storing an activation flag to the server by AJAX fails, restore the activation flag at server


BUGFIX - When storing an activation flag to the server by AJAX fails, restore the activation flag at server


BUGFIX - Ending the tour is not allowed in builder mode


BUGFIX - Ending the tour is not allowed in builder mode


BUGFIX - TinyMCE buttons hidden


BUGFIX - The skip button was not hidden in the builder
TWEAK - remove font select and font sizes select from TinyMCE


BUGFIX - Confirm on open text editor -> Text tab (was not saving last changes from Text tab)


BUGFIX - render_tiny_mce just when needed + admin warn fix


BUGFIX - Call to undefined function is_plugin_active fix on multi-site


NEW FEATURE - adding WordPress editor for building a step content
NEW FEATURE - deactivation of FREE version if is activated (caused fatal error when both versions were activated)
BUGFIX - skip button changed from 'a' tag to 'div' tag (possible interaction with 'a' tag styles from outside)
TWEAK - don't show step number when there is one step only
BUGFIX - afterStepChange API hook fix ("tourId" and "currentUrl" were missing in args)
BUGFIX - tooltip positioning with hidden step number
BUGFIX - progress bar size adjusted by skipped steps with no visible target


TWEAK - default colors change


TWEAK - icons redesign


BUGFIX - auto-scroll in parent container fix


NEW FEATURE - sticky publish/update button at tour options on the admin board
NEW FEATURE - disable tour for selected user roles
NEW FEATURE - pause visual builder to enable interaction with the page during tour creation/editing
TWEAK - optimize of server load
TWEAK - default theme -> Light Fancy
TWEAK - asset name separator changed from '~' to '-'
BUGFIX - copy and paste URL for step fix


BUGFIX - php notice fix
TWEAK - optimize script loading in the admin
BUGFIX - loading all themes fix
TWEAK - optimize loading CSS themes
NEW FEATURE - new theme Light Fancy


NEW FEATURE - drag and drop the ACF table header to scroll with the table
NEW FEATURE - start at multiple pages
NEW FEATURE - allow full-screen video in the tooltip


BUGFIX - load visual builder fix


NEW FEATURE - Advanced interaction with the highlighted element - go to next step after click + delay
BUGFIX - WordPress admin problem when query strings start with "/?"
TWEAK - Use only relative paths - avoiding migration problems
BUGFIX - blurred backdrop was not working after switching back from target selection
TWEAK - too generic cCSSss classes that could have potentially conflicted with other plugins/themes were changed to BEM (bottom, top, on-top, left, right)
TWEAK - adjusting style for a dark fancy theme
TWEAK - blurred overlay performance optimize


BUGFIX - disable window.history.pushState for admin tour (woocommerce bad interaction)


BUGFIX - On key down event was not cleared and caused a doubled event when the tour starts for 2nd time on the same page
TWEAK - adaptive overlay bg - flat adaptive theme
BUGFIX - Dark Fancy theme bottom arrow - remove accent color
BUGFIX - License validating - use server time instead of client frontend time to validate


BUGFIX - license validation fix


BUGFIX - scroll parent element offset fix
NEW FEATURE - new Dark Fancy theme


NEW FEATURE - system variables in URL like a current_user_login or current_user_id + customized by hooks
NEW FEATURE - PHP hooks extended - new filters dpintro_script_tour_config, dpintro_script_main_config, dpintro_sys_url_var
NEW FEATURE - JS API (navigate steps by JS code)
BUGFIX - License validating fix
BUGFIX - URL change in admin builder modal fix
TWEAK - Skip the step if no ref element - fix marginal steps + skip the actual step when the reference element disappears


TWEAK - isolation of wplink function (set URL dialog) to not load hidden editor in builder mode
BUGFIX - Adding a new step after in builder when Global run at all pages was causing an unwanted redirect
BUGFIX - The saving value of the trigger selector by the visual builder was broken


NEW FEATURE - variable parts in URL eg. tour at all product detail pages: /products/{product-id}?variant={product-variant}
NEW FEATURE - enable tours on admin board
NEW FEATURE - JS hooks for advanced customization based on intro tour events
NEW FEATURE - PHP hooks for advanced customization based on intro tour events
NEW FEATURE - clearing logged-in visit count from global options
NEW FEATURE - Option for enabling console debug output
TWEAK - Extend notification enhanced
TWEAK - Translation of all admin js scripts support
TWEAK - Counting visits of logged-in users on the server
TWEAK - Optimize loading public js scripts
BUGFIX - fix of relative position parent - positioning of the highlight layer
BUGFIX - $keepCurrentUrl and $keep-prev-step-url disappeared after scrolling in the Insert/edit link window
BUGFIX - use get_posts instead of WP Query to not change global data
BUGFIX - intro text was not actually in builder mode after a step change
BUGFIX - config default values are used even when the tour config was not saved


BUGFIX - Allow Just for Logged-in Users works now together with the "First N Visits Only" option and counts logged-in visits separately


TWEAK - Add a step ID to the main intro layer to support targeting all nested introductory layers with CSS per step


TWEAK - Allow Just for Logged-in Users works now together with the "First N Visits Only" option and counts logged-in visits separately


NEW FEATURE - Adding configuration per tour for labels of buttons Next, Back, Skip, Done


BUGFIX - not setting the z-index of parents to auto, when there is a fixed ancestor


TWEAK - make a plugin to be resilient against deferring jQuery
TWEAK - adding text for buttons Next, Back, Skip and Done to the translation domain
NEW FEATURE - Start tour when a specific key is pressed on the selected element
NEW FEATURE - Run the initial tour only on the user's first N visits
NEW FEATURE - Max tooltip width setting in the design section in tour-specific options
NEW FEATURE - Shortcodes support in intro content
NEW FEATURE - Support of targeting tooltips and highlight layers with CSS per step


BUGFIX - run tour when start URL ends with #
BUGFIX - scroll in nested container fix


TWEAK - Normalize bubble width for configuration in frontend-builder - target element for mobile/widescreen display


TWEAK - Remove the submit button in license settings (was confusing)
BUGFIX - Skip mobile target label fix
BUGFIX - Don't choose a mobile element on the widescreen when the widescreen target is empty


NEW FEATURE - Start just for mobile or wide-screen configuration
NEW FEATURE - Mobile/widescreen for each step - skip / alternative target
NEW FEATURE - New UI in builder to enable visual configuration of Mobile/widescreen


TWEAK - add an option to manually open the mobile menu if automatically doesn't work


BUGFIX - saving other posts with old TinyMCE editor fix (didn't work - was affected by wplink styling )


TWEAK - make the plugin to be resilient against deferring jQuery


TWEAK - restore flat theme style and add new flat adaptive with adjusted text color and adaptive tooltip background color


BUGFIX - Allow HTML inside the intro text and also in the visual builder


NEW FEATURE - Supports all post types and archives now :)
NEW FEATURE - The color of text for buttons is changed, if there is not contrast enough with the selected accent color (support lighter accent colors)
NEW FEATURE - Streamlining of settings on the admin board
NEW FEATURE - Admin settings and visual builder use admin theme colors
NEW FEATURE - Hide selected elements when the tour starts
BUGFIX - select element without class fix
BUGFIX - when the "Global Start at All Pages" option is set on, the URL for the first step is not required and is not editable. The home page is used for pre-view and builder.
NEW FEATURE - Disable running in unsupported browsers (IE 11 and below)
TWEAK - change the default accent color to purple for new installations
BUGFIX - mobile menu alternative element fix - mob menu was not opening (only on second try)


TWEAK - check target position once more after is scrolled at it ( fixing repositioning due to sticky menu )


BUGFIX - tooltip positioning fix on Firefox browser


NEW FEATURE - Strict URL compare option - reload between 2 steps with the same URL but different query parameters


TWEAK - check the position of the target when it has stopped moving due to animation after 400ms


BUGFIX - init state is not transferred from previous if is CANCEL


BUGFIX - Mobile Menu Alternative elements highlighting
TWEAK - fixed position element has only a border for highlighting them to not cover them because of stacking issue
BUGFIX - Bullet animations are not affected by opacity or blur of the overlay layer
BUGFIX - Fixing parents, possibly changing position by class ... auto keep pos and width
BUGFIX - Fix sorting steps in admin
TWEAK - adding icon to highlight sorting steps feature
NEW FEATURE - variable url for intro step ... $KEEP CURRENT URL and $KEEP PREV. STEP URL


TWEAK - fixed position elements are set to transparent bg while highlighting them
NEW FEATURE - blurred overlay option in behavior configuration for each tour


BUGFIX - Mobile Menu Opener visual selector on a desktop fix


BUGFIX - Allow Just for "Logged in Users" option also available in primary trigger - not just in an additional one


TWEAK - in dark theme ... the color of container for buttons is not accent color - is fixed dark gray
TWEAK - adding menu labels to translation
BUGFIX - adding permission_callback to register_rest_route to avoid PHP notices
BUGFIX - starting tour by URL with defined theme parameter


TWEAK - auto-update now from ''


NEW FEATURE - Hide Previous Step Button Always - configuration
NEW FEATURE - Hide skip button configuration
NEW FEATURE - Hide buttons instead of disabling
NEW FEATURE - Hide bullets when there are fewer than 2 steps
NEW FEATURE - Disable navigation by click on step bullet
NEW FEATURE - Hide bullets when there are fewer than 2 steps
BUGFIX - Disable Exit on Overlay Click was always active on dummy element (not selected target)
NEW FEATURE - Global trigger - start tour on all pages
● COMPATIBILITY FIX - WordPress 5.6 compatibility fix (jQuery update)


BUGFIX - select CSS was overridden by theme or other plugins
TWEAK - full-screen bullets animation change to BEM CSS class to not interact with other full-screen classes


TWEAK - Update tooltip placement when repositioning due to animations
BUGFIX - Mobile menu target selector priority by mouse down instead of click (divi was preventing event to fire)
NEW FEATURE - Multi-site support
NEW FEATURE - Admin Sub-menu for plugin settings
TWEAK - plugin settings with hint
NEW FEATURE - design/behavior config in the admin bar
NEW FEATURE - global accent color override


TWEAK - intro core re-written to be unique for more instances + CSS classes names change
BUGFIX - fix unwanted interaction between multiple tours on the same page
NEW FEATURE - after page reload increment step (non-AJAX form submit)
TWEAK - tour fluency tuning
NEW FEATURE - added new config section - tour behavior -> new options: Disable Exit on Overlay, Click Disable Starting Animation, Scroll Speed, Increment Step After Reload


TWEAK - debug support adjustment
BUGFIX - highlighted layer position includes border now


BUGFIX - fix unwanted interaction between multiple tours on the same page
NEW FEATURE - Support for Sell Codes feedback system


BUGFIX - Plugin setting page tabs are now correctly shown as active
NEW FEATURE - Support for Sell Codes Auto-update


BUGFIX - theme accent color interaction between tours
BUGFIX - builder closing bugfix


NEW FEATURE - mobile menu support
NEW FEATURE - adding setting for each tour: Disable exit on overlay click
NEW FEATURE - adding setting for each tour: Allow Just for Logged in Users


NEW FEATURE - frontend visual builder for creation of tour's steps
NEW FEATURE - Adding custom key field to lock by URL mechanism - so tour lock doesn't interact with other tours starting on the same page
NEW FEATURE - add theme design override section for each tour
● IMPROVE - prefix plugin's dependencies to avoid interaction with other plugins
BUGFIX - arrow positioning near window border fix
TWEAK - remove id and class option for Trigger Object field - converted to Custom selector (backward compatibility ensured)
TWEAK - license key has a separate tab in plugin settings


BUGFIX - manifest cache fix in wpackio module
BUGFIX - source map errors in the dev console fixed
TWEAK - load tour styles just when the tour is on page


● CHANGE - change of slug to not interact with the FREE version at
BUGFIX - redirect from admin - edit or create new tour - was not working with rocket plugin


BUGFIX - conflict with Google Map - included Google Map in ACF caused not loading other Google Map API correctly


BUGFIX - Android chrome status bar trigger resize and so re-positioning and re-scrolling of tooltip (unwanted) on scroll fix
BUGFIX - Close button in builder z-index lower than the tooltip
BUGFIX - Step table was not shown all on small displays ... now scroll-able
BUGFIX - post ID is now at public plugin part read from current SERVER REQUEST URL... not the_ID or the_permalink (doesn't work in all cases)
● UPGRADE - filter PAGE/POST in dialog choosing a link show now just pages, posts and products sorted by post_type
● UPGRADE - text editing in step table enhanced UX
BUGFIX - left-top-aligned and so positions were not positioned correctly
BUGFIX - shown element changed position after adding fixing class - now the position is stabilized
BUGFIX - tooltip arrow positioning near border fix
● UPGRADE - contrast evaluation now supports pseudo-elements (common for icons)
● UPGRADE - mobile UX enhanced
BUGFIX - Contrast evaluation fixed
BUGFIX - wplink component for selecting URL from table fix


BUGFIX - Fix warning on adding new intro tour
TWEAK - support for localization in frontend js scripts
● FIX - change global function common name with plugin prefixes - to don't interact - try to override others plugins, themes, core functions
BUGFIX - wpackio 3rd site script loader interacting with other plugins that use wpackio
BUGFIX - The View Intro Tour button in the top admin bar doesn’t open the page with the tour
TWEAK - Intro Tour Tutorial PRO DeepPresentation


BUGFIX - initial hide/show of button set trigger selector visually in admin tour config
NEW FEATURE - Localization ready


BUGFIX - The update mechanism was not working all the time


BUGFIX - escape doesn't end a frontend builder tour
BUGFIX - saving selector from admin with '>' was HTML encoded and not decoded on loading selectors


BUGFIX - initial hide/show of button set trigger selector visually in admin tour config


BUGFIX - deep presentation logo icon missing


BUGFIX - in viewport offset has no effect
● adding a customization for texts of intro elements in the plugin's Settings page -> Labeling
● frontend intro tour builder - first feature - choosing target element on frontend
● frontend intro tour builder - choosing trigger selectors on frontend


● tooltip automatic positioning upgrade (fix bad auto-positioning in some cases, improve intelligence of evaluating space for placing tooltip)
● position preference fields in the step table are now drop-downs with available choices (no more troubles due to typo errors)
● page/post URL fields in the step table are now editable via standard insert /edit link
● Interaction mode fields in the step table are now editable via the checkbox
● step table fields styling tweak
BUGFIX - bullet size overflow tooltip in flat theme


● disable debug console output


● transitions improvement to get more smooth and FLEXIBLE


● improvement of visualized element tracking, when it moving animation is applied to it


● undone contrast adjustments on visualized elements after going to the next step or finishing the intro


● Adjust transparency of bullets for intro transition animation


● hiding unnecessary fields for selected configuration of the trigger


● enable user interaction configuration ... for each step added


● All theme load configurations for changing the theme on frontend


● additional trigger configuration


● positioning tooltip and arrow fix, CSS variables


● Big theme styling improvement


● overflow bug fix, scroll pos iterative check


● Initial version.
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