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Intro Tour Tutorial plugin

Intro tour tutorial plugin - Deep Presentation

You can create an intuitive welcome tour that guides people through your website. Or you can create admin board tutorial for your co-workers,  so they are able to manage your backend more efficiently. You can choose both how and when the tour starts, as well as how it looks and behaves, all in a single download.

Teach or introduce

You can teach users how to use your site, or introduce a new feature or product in an effective and user-friendly way.

Keeps visitor engaged

The tour is designed to guide the users with their full attention in a way you define, without "sharp breaks".

Intuitive configuration

You can build tour intuitively using the visual front-end builder and detailed configuration in the admin board.

Performance friendly

Plugin loads its scripts just when needed and doesn't bloat your web with unnecessary load, that has negative effect on SEO. 

Here you can try building your own web intro tour and fully test all functions of the PRO version, including the admin interface, on our automatically generated demo installation created just for you.
Or just try our FREE version on your own domain.
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What you get for FREE

You can specify unlimited count of single page tours step-by-step in user friendly way with baked in front-end builder and detail configuration in admin board for each tour. The global plugin configuration allows you to choose from 2 design themes, accent color and also change button texts.
The best position for a tool-tip with your content is automatically found at every step, so that you get the best view on desktops as well as mobile devices. In addition you can specify your preferred location and lock/unlock user interaction with the highlighted element for each step.
You can easily choose from different ways where and how the tour should start: click or double click on an element, after loading the page, hover the mouse over the element, start typing, touch start, move, end, submit the form and much more ...and also if a start is required only for the first visit of the user or only for the logged in user.
Want more features? You can consider purchasing the PRO version with many extra features: multi page tour, choose from multiple design themes, admin-board tours, mobile menu support, improved configuration for starting the tour, enabling tours for specific users only and more..
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Did you know?

Web Intro tours can dramatically enhance the first user experience on your site, especially if your site is complex, but not only. In addition, your website will stand out with its impressive design and smooth behavior. We will help you teach your visitors / clients and help them feel comfortable on your platform. The tour configuration is visual, very flexible and intuitive and you can achieve almost anything. For example, you can create a special story for your site dedicated to a specific group of users and much more.
Show me demo tour

How to

You can create the tour intuitively using the baked-in visual front-end builder and detailed configuration in the admin board.
Plugin installation Guide


Just uninstall the free version and upload the PRO plugin. Then, on the plugin global settings page, set the activation key you received after payment. All tours already created with the free version will be kept, so you don't have to worry about losing them by uninstalling the free version.

DP Intro Tours - Visual Builder(preview mode) Create all tour steps in a user-friendly way with a visual front-end builder DP Intro Tours - Visual Builder(step edit mode) You can easily edit parameters and text for each step via visual interface DP Intro Tours - Visual Builder(step target selection mode) You can define the target element of each step visually DP Intro Tours - Visual Builder(mobile/widescreen mode) You can skip a step or even select a different target element depending on whether it is displayed on a mobile or widescreen display DP Intro Tours - Visual Builder(mobile menu support) You can also target mobile menu elements so that the mobile menu automatically opens before that step during the tour Tour admin options - design and behavior (DP Intro Tours PRO) You can activate / deactivate each tour and modify its design and behavior Tour admin options - triggers (DP Intro Tours PRO) You can define when, where and under what conditions the tour starts. DP Intro Tours - Visual Builder(trigger button selection mode) You can define the trigger element (button, link) of the tour visually Tour admin options - steps definition (DP Intro Tours PRO) The definition of steps can also be edited in well-arranged table of steps on the administrator's notice board. Here, the target elements of the individual steps can also be defined manually using the CSS selector. Global options - general (DP Intro Tours PRO) Global design selection and global customization Global options - license and mobile menu (DP Intro Tours PRO) Licence activation and mobile menu support Global options - labeling (DP Intro Tours PRO) Don't like the text of the 'BACK' , 'SKIP' or other button? You can change them to your liking.

What you get more with Intro Tour Tutorial PRO


Multi-page tours

Multi-page support of WordPress Intro Tour Plugin DeepPresentation PRO
Yes! You don't need to limit yourself to single-page intro tour only. PRO can rock your whole web up !!

More theme styles and design customization

You can choose from 6 design themes. Therefore, you can precisely match the vibe of your web .

URL variables

Would you like your visitors to take a tour of variable URL sites, such as a tour of all product detail pages and its sub-pages with product ID in URL, or user public dashboards with user ID in URL? In PRO you have opportunity to do so.

Enhanced triggers

Trigger of tour in URL Lock feature of WordPress Intro Tour Plugin PRO
There is plenty ways how you can configure my starting already in FREE version. However in PRO you can setup simultaneously 2 trigger configurations for each tour. Therefore you can combine their settings and cover huge amount of use cases. E.g. run automatically but just in case of first visit of particular visitor together with starting when an info button is pressed.

Unlock tour  just for selected visitor

URL Lock feature in Themes of WordPress Intro Tour Plugin DeepPresentation PRO
You can send an introductory invitation to a tour only for a specific person by sending a tour URL with the unlock parameter. E.g. the tour starting on the homepage: key

Mobile / widescreen  view 
and mobile menu support

In PRO, you can skip a step or even select another target element depending on whether the step is displayed on a mobile or widescreen. You can also target elements of the mobile menu so that the mobile menu opens automatically before this step during the tour. Thanks to our visual builder, setting up this is easy and intuitive :)

Tour on WP admin board

Would you like to offer your co-workers or those who have access to web administration interactive tutorials on how to use the WordPress admin board and all your custom integrated modules on it? In PRO you can easily create a tour also on the back-end side.

Support , new features and styles are coming

Support for WordPress Intro Tour Plugin DeepPresentation PRO
With the PRO version, you get priority support and updates. More design themes and features, such as advanced user interaction mode at every step in the highlighted area, and more come in future versions of the PRO version in exchange for your amazing support through PRO Purchase. Thank you !!
You can access the support forum to report bugs, etc. Or contact us through our contact page.
Get all these features and enhance your intro tour with PRO

Design themes in PRO

Centered pulse on horizontal line
You can use design themes to customize the style of presentation elements (tool-tips, their texts and buttons, layer highlighting, step numbers, and step-by-step navigation, etc.). Here are examples of all PRO themes with the accent color configured to match the main color of this site. In PRO you can easily set the accent color for each tour. Therefore, you can perfectly match a vibe of your website. You can fully test these and all functions of the PRO plugin, including the administrator interface, on our auto generated demo installation made just for you.
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Colored bottom

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Choose Your Intro Guide


Single-page intro tours
Visual front-end builder
4 styling themes
Rich start options
1 trigger configuration
SEO performance optimized - loading scripts just on page, where tour is running.
Smart tooltip positioning
Tour behavior - basic configuration 
Tour just for registered users option
Configurable text for buttons
Accent color adjustment
FREE features update and basic support


Visual front-end builder
Enhanced start options 
2  trigger configurations
SEO performance optimized - loading scripts just on page, where tour is running.
Smart tooltip positioning
Tour behavior - advanced config.
Tour just for registered users option 
+ tour just for invited by URL lock
Configurable text for buttons
Element in view trigger
Choose your package

PRO Packages

The properties of all packages are the same. They differ only in the maximum number of installations and the duration of updates and support and level of support.
Intro Discount


One-time charge
Basic support and update for 1 year for 1 installation
Intro Discount


One-time charge
Priority support and update for 1 year for 10 installations
Intro Discount


One-time charge
Priority support and update for 3 years for unlimited installations
Your first purchase backed by a 14-day money back guarantee. If for any reason you are unhappy with our product, simply let us know within 14 days of your purchase and we’ll happily refund 100% of your purchase. No questions asked.
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