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Version 6 highlights - Intro Tour Tutorial plugin

Most of the frontend code has been modernized, modularized, and optimized

The main public script size was reduced from 140KB to 51KB. The placement accuracy of the tooltip and all other layers has been improved.

Browser based scrolling algorithm

New browser-based scrolling algorithm is capable of scrolling the target element into view, even in very specific cases such as nested scrolled containers. Most of the code responsible for scrolling the target into view has been removed or transformed for necessary customization of browser-based scrolling functions.

Improved target highlighting mechanism

New target highlighting mechanism allows elements (fixed, sticky, with CSS transform, etc.) to be fully highlighted. Previously, it was just a border without a highlighted background, due to a z-index issue.

Design of themes improved

The design and animations of the tour have been adjusted to be modern and simple. The animation style and timing have been modified to feel smoother and more natural.

Other changes ( advanced )

  • Deprecated Id and classes per tour, theme, step was removed from main and wrapper elements
  • Structure of step number element was changed: dpit-tooltip-number -> dpit-number + dpit-number__content

Several bug fixes have been resolved

Details bellow and also at change log.

Unexpected behavior after update?

If, for some reason, the plugin doesn't work after updating to version 6, you can roll back to version 5 using your dashboard at I would also appreciate a bug report via our support forum.

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