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Upgrade to v5 - Intro Tour Tutorial plugin

Version 5 of the Intro Tour Tutorial plugin for WordPress is coming with many new features, bug fixes and changes. Here you can find main changes, that you need to take in account, if you are upgrading from previous versions. Most of the changes are backward compatible however there are some, which aren't. These are emphasized in this document.

Core has been rewritten

The entire core of the plugin has been rewritten to make it more accurate and optimized. The placement accuracy of the tooltip and all other layers is much higher than it has ever been.

Style themes was redesigned

The style themes have been redesigned to be simpler, fresher and more modern. All themes now adapt to selected accent color.

With design themes modernization comes changes in CSS identifiers. Main change in CSS identifiers is dpintro- prefix. It's been changed to dpit-. So in the most cases, changing this will fix your custom styling. If you use some CSS code to override tour's style, make yourself sure to check new CSS customization documentation.

Tour flow was improved

The design and animations of the tour have been adjusted to be modern and simple. The animation style and timing have been adjusted to feel smoother and more natural.

API update

There are few changes in API, also new API actions were added. If you use API, be sure to check updated API ( PHP & JS ).

JS hook functions: name change

Names of all JS hook functions were changed to standard camelCase form

add_action -> addAction
add_filter -> addFilter
remove_action -> removeAction
remove_filter -> removeFilter

JS action: Added

See details at API ( PHP & JS ).

adminEditTourLoaded, onOverlayClick, onResize

JS action: Removed

afterTourExited //removed because of duplicity with ended action

JS action: Changed arguments

Some hook arguments were added or renamed in following actions. See details at API ( PHP & JS ).

ended: how the tour was ended //skip, complete
- added isStickyTheme, isStickyThemeOnTop /*It also informs you, when Sticky theme is used and if so, if sticky banner is rendered on the top (default is on the bottom)*/
- renamed isBackwardDirection was renamed to backward

Several bug fixes have been resolved

Details bellow and also at change log.

Unlock by URL parameter - parameter name change

URL parameter start-intro-tour has been changed to dp-lock. The original start-intro-tour key is still functional as part of backwards compatibility, however it is recommended to switch to the new dp-lock key as it is possible, that this backwards compatibility will be removed in the future.

Unexpected behavior after update?

If for some reason the plugin doesn't work after updating to version 5, you can roll back to version 4.4.2 using your dashboard at After roll back, please reassign Theme override option in tour configuration and Default Theme option at plugin's global options. I would also appreciate a bug report at

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