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Ultimate introduction tours, that you can create intuitively, right from a admin board. You can teach user how to use your web or introduce a new feature or product in fancy and user-friendly way. Plugin offers flexible definition of your tour and it's start. It asks for very basic knowledge of css selectors.



WordPress plugin, that lets you create and edit introduction tutorial tours - intuitively with baked in frontend builder, detail configuration and style adjustment in admin board.

Intro tour can increase user's first experiences on your web, especially if your web is complex. It can be also used for teaching in various scenarios. There are no limits basically, as configuration of tour is very flexible and you can achieve whatever. You can also create niche story of your web dedicated for particular user group and much more.


  • Visual frontend builder: You can create and edit all steps and also tour's trigger element visually right from a frontend.
  • Multi-page tours: Yes! You don't need to limit yourself to just single-page intro tour. With PRO version. your tour can rock your whole web up !!
  • 5 Fancy theme styles: You can choose from 5 fancy themes for styling of presentational elements and choose the most suitable one to match vibe of your web. You can also enable/disable displaying of selected presentation elements in plugin's option page.
  • Fancy smooth design: Tour is designed to lead user with his/her full attention in way you define without "sharp breaks" of tour's story.
  • Smart tooltip positioning: The best position for tooltip with your content is found automatically in each step to get the best responsive view even on mobile. You can also specify your preferred position for each step.
  • 2 Start trigger configurations: There is plenty ways how you can configure my starting already in FREE version. However in PRO you can setup simultaneously 2 trigger configurations for each tour so u can combine their settings and cover huge amount of use cases. Also you get one more useful starting event. If you wanna start your intro tour, when user scroll in view, that contains specified element - yes these all are possible in PRO version.
  • URL parameter lock - tour just for selected users: If you want to send an intro tour invitation just for specific person, you can send him/her url of tour's start with a key (url parameter) (eg. for tour starting on home page:{Unlock key}).
  • Custom font: You can override default font of presentational elements for each tour separately
  • Accent color: You can override default accent color of presentational elements for each tour separately
  • Theme style override per tour: You can override default theme for each tour separately
  • Mobile menu support: If you target menu element, with PRO it will play well also on mobile view.
  • New features and styles are coming: More themes for styling and features are coming soon in following releases of PRO version as an exchange for your support via buying PRO. Thank you !!
  • Priority support: Priority support and fixing of issues is provided in PRO Edition.
  • Option - tour just for logged in users


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