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[Solved] Plugin not working correctly

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Hi There 

I have the intro tours pro plugin on of my wordpress site and it works well. I have now tried it on other sites with the same wordpress version and its not working correctly. When I click on the visual editor and it opens the page the editor sits at the bottom, its like the css is missing. I inspected it and in the consile it says that its missing a template. Tried deactivating all other plugins but it still does not work. See screenshot

Please help

Posted : 20/03/2024 1:50 pm
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I did try all the bugs you mentioned, but all worked properly. Builder normally works for me. 

What page did you try to open the visual builder?
What browser do you use?
Did you try clear a browser cache or open browser in anonymous mode?
Have a nice day
Posted : 23/04/2024 1:45 pm
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As we haven’t got any answer for about 2 months, we are closing this topic. Don’t hesitate to open new, if you like to discuss more about this or other topic.

Posted : 24/06/2024 2:32 pm
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