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[Solved] Call out boxes for scrolling menu can't be seen.

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Hi there,

Usually, when not viewing a tour, my site has a left hand menu containing icons. Due to the number of icons, users are able to scroll the menu to access those icons that are off the bottom of the menu. I have created a tour which walks people through what each icon means and what featuers they can access. When in the tour, though, you can scroll the page but not the menu which means that the tour call out boxes for the menu can’t be seen for those icons that are off the bottom of the left hand menu.  I hope that makes sense. Is there any way round this?

Thanks in advance.

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Hi Helen,

I just checked and made small adjustment. Now it is possible to scroll in icon menu during a tour. I added this css rule in your elementor site setting.

pointer-events: all !important;

However, our plugin can't scroll on it automatically in this case, as scrolling of icons is done in a non-standard way ... actually it is a strange way and it is handled by the frontend code of buddyboss-theme (not like the classic scroll container defined by CSS).

So the user has to scroll to the icon on his/her own. It would be possible to investigate the scrolling mechanism of buddyboss-theme and scroll automatically by custom code based on our hook system but as it is a non-standard thing just for your site resp. buddyboss-theme, it is not in the scope of our Intro plugin. 

Have a nice day,



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