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[Solved] Disable focus on element/overlay

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Hi Jess,

style themes are now designed to be adaptive to accent color - it's automatically calculate a contrast and when it is evaluated as a low contrast with light background, it is switched to dark. I understand that this feature could be restrictive for cases as yours so I'm happy to find a solution for you. 

  • Fast temporary solution: Please go here: . Choose the template and accent color you are using. Then gradually darken the accent color until the background color of the tooltip switches to light. Then use this accent color on your website.
  • For next update: I implement turning on/off this automatic accent color contrast feature, so then you can switch back to original accent color

OR you can use own CSS to set overlay background manually:

.dpit-overlay {
    background-color: <color of background> !important;
Please check the CSS Customize documentation, to see how to customize style of tours by own CSS.
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